COMING SOON: The Secret Techniques Used By The Great HOUDINI To Become a Superstar and How You Can Use Those Same Techniques To Move Ahead In Your Life!

Harry Houdini was not an overnight success. He struggled for many years with no fame or fortune to show for it. In fact, he was so disillusioned at one point he tried to sell his entire act! And no one wanted it! But this same guy, learned lessons along the way that would eventually propel him to the top of the show business ladder.

Houdini historian & magician Dean Carnegie has delved into the life of Houdini to discover what techniques he used to make himself famous. And then he takes those concepts and shares how you can use similar techniques to move ahead in your career and beyond.

This is a book for the average person who wants to move ahead in life. You won’t learn how to escape from straitjackets or how to free yourself from handcuffs, sorry. But if you have a desire to move beyond the status quo, then you’ll want to try some of the unique marketing techniques from one of the greatest showman who ever lived, HOUDINI!

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